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Here's a list of some incredible local attractions and establishments in the vicinity of this hotel in Warren

Warren Shopping Center

1.96 miles away

Warren Shopping Center is a small shopping center located in Warren, Michigan. Opened in 1974, the shopping center features a variety of stores, including a Walmart, Giant Eagle, Meijer, and Kmart. The shopping center also includes a movie theater and a bowling alley.

Town and Country Shopping Center

1.99 miles away

Warren is home to the Town and Country Shopping Center, which offers a variety of stores, including department stores such as Macy's and Sears, as well as smaller, independent stores. The shopping center also includes a movie theater and a food court.

McCloy Park

13.84 miles away

Located in Warren, Michigan, McCloy Park is a public park that was dedicated on Jun. 3, 1924. It was named for Major General Charles A. McCloy, who served as the first director of the United States Army War College from 1919 to 1924. The park features a playground, a baseball diamond, and a football field.

Cane Creek State Park

25.50 miles away

Looking for a day-trip from Cincinnati? Look no further than Cane Creek State Park Warren. This park is home to many different types of trails, including a segment of the Ohio River Trail. If you're looking for a more strenuous hike, there are also several trails that lead up to the summit of Mount Elliott. The park also has plenty of picnic areas and shelters perfect for enjoying a day in nature.

The Mall Shopping Center

26.19 miles away

Warren, Michigan is a small town located in the northwest corner of the state. The population is just over 12,000 people and there are only two shopping centers in town - The Mall Shopping Center and The Warren Mall. Both malls are struggling to keep up with the competition from larger communities nearby.

The Mall Shopping Center opened in 1976 and was originally anchored by Sears, JCPenney, and Hecht's. In recent years, Macy's and other large stores have closed their doors, leaving the mall with only a handful of tenants. The mall is currently owned by General Growth Properties (GGP), but has been for many years. GGP has made attempts to revive the mall by investing in new stores and remodeling the existing ones, but so far it seems to have had little effect.

The Warren Mall opened in 1962 and was initially anchored by Sears, JCPenney, Hecht's, and Bond's. Over the years, other stores have closed down or moved out of town, leaving only Macy's as a tenant. The Warren Mall is also owned by GGP but has been for many years. GGP has made attempts to revive the mall by investing in new stores and remodeling the existing ones, but so far it seems to have had little effect.

Both malls are currently closed for remodeling and neither has announced when they will reopen.

Crossland Zoo

33.86 miles away

The Crossland Zoo in Warren, Michigan is home to over 2,000 animals from more than 120 different species. The zoo offers a wide variety of exhibits including an animal hospital, a habitat for primates and a rainforest. Special events at the zoo include the annual Spring Safari on Easter weekend and the ZooWalk festival in late October.

Crossett City Park

34.09 miles away

Crossett City Park Warren is a beautiful oasis in the city and perfect for a day of relaxation. The park features a pond, waterfall, gazebo, and many other fun amenities for residents and visitors to enjoy. The park also includes a playground, basketball court, and picnic areas.

Stephens Park

36.51 miles away

Stephens Park Warren is a beautiful park located in the heart of Warren, Ohio. The park features a large lake with a playground, a basketball court, and a softball field. It is perfect for a day of relaxation or for playing some sports. The park also has a pavilion that can be used for picnics or gatherings. Stephens Park Warren is the perfect place to spend a summer day.

Memorial Park

36.77 miles away

Warren Memorial Park is a park located in Warren, Michigan. The park was founded in 1927 and originally consisted of only a few acres of land. The park has since grown to its current size of over 115 acres. The park features a number of attractions, including a baseball field, a football field, a soccer field, and a playground. The park also features a memorial chapel which was dedicated in 1984. The chapel features a number of stained glass windows which were designed by artist Dominic Serafini.

Brookhaven Shopping Center

37.17 miles away

Located in Warren, Connecticut, the Brookhaven Shopping Center is a popular spot for shoppers and tourists. The center features a variety of stores, including local chains like Bed Bath & Beyond, Staples, and Burberry, as well as national retailers like Macy's and Sears. There is also a wide range of restaurants, including fast food outlets like Dunkin' Donuts and McDonald's, as well as more upscale establishments like the Olive Garden and Applebee's. The shopping center is easily accessible by car or bus, and its close proximity to Interstate 95 makes it a popular destination for visitors from New York City and Boston.

Lake Pine Bluff Park

43.06 miles away

Lake Pine Bluff Park Warren is a beautiful park located in Warren, Ohio. The park has a 1.5-mile hiking trail that winds its way through the forest and around the lake. There are also several ballfields, playgrounds, a picnic area, and a fishing pier. The lake is home to many fish, including largemouth and smallmouth bass, and there are also several different varieties of ducks and geese that can be seen swimming around the water. The park is a great place to spend a summer day with family or friends.

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